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Information about the service in English

In this video you can find information about the service and instructions in English.

The Pirkanmaa Culture Bank is a free-of-charge one-stop web service maintained by the City of Tampere for professional actors in the fields of art and culture in the region of Pirkanmaa as well as for their on-command service offering (e.g. performances, workshops, travelling exhibitions, and expert and production services). The website also features information on subsidies, cultural facilities, and networks in the municipalities of Pirkanmaa. 

The Culture Bank acts as a showroom for actors in the field and for their services as well as a tool to promote networking. Physical works of art such as paintings, books, and recordings cannot be bought or ordered directly or marketed via the Culture Bank.

Professionally active artists, producers, culture and art associations and communities as well as art institutions from the Pirkanmaa region may register in the Culture Bank. Actors in the fields of art and culture may register and create a profile here.

By registering as an actor in these field, you are able to:

  • display your know-how and services in the Culture Bank
  • see the calls for tenders issued by subscribers
  • activate a search alert on calls for tenders

The subscribers to culture and art services may create a profile here.

By registering as a subscriber, you are able to:

  • issue calls for tenders
  • add services on the list of favourites and follow interesting actors
  • post recommendations for actors

More information is available from the e-mail address kulttuuripankki (at)